Additive Dosing Equipment

Granulate Dosing System

Additives can be added to the binding agent or the asphalt mixture in asphalt formulas to optimise the properties of the asphalt mix. Additives may be granulated fibrous materials, Trinidad products, waxes, hard bitumen granulate or also fluid additives. The TELTOMAT product range contains all standard dosing equipment to guarantee efficient asphalt production.

Manual dosing equipment

  • Double pendulum flaps for dosing sacks directly at the mixer
  • Loading the mixer via an elevator and chute, the elevator is loaded manually

Dosing of liquid additives

Granulate dosing equipment

  • Volumetric via a rotary feeder
  • Gravimetric via scales

The granulate can be dosed from Big Bags, a container or a silo.


                      Dual-Big-Bag-Station                                   Dosing or Liquid Additives