Fuel Technology

BKS multi-fuel burner

In combination with the drying drum, the furnace is one of the core elements of the TELTOMAT asphalt mixers. Our range of models includes burners for light and heavy oil, liquid and natural gas and also BKS multi-fuel burners with outputs between 3 MW and 24 MW. Single substance or combination burners guarantee an optimum solution for all customer requirements.

The BKS multi-fuel burners in particular offer high potential for reducing costs. The BKS burners used on our systems work with a support flame shutdown function in all performance ranges, which in turn reduces costs further.

The fuel technology equipment used in our parallel drum systems works both on a direct current and also counter current principle with hot gas generators. In the case of our parallel drum fuel technology systems that work on a direct current principle, we can also fit flue gas recirculation muffles that achieve exhaust gas values below the limit values specified TA Air regulations.

HEL burnerrecirculation muffle