teltronik Control systems for gravel plants and quarries

Control systems for gravel quarries and quarries: flexible, innovative, independent

Teltronik control systems for gravel and quarries are flexible controls for the production and loading process in gravel plants and quarries of various sizes. Irrespective of the manufacturer of the plant, the control systems provide an optimal basis for achieving the highest quality in production and loading of individual fractions up to the certified mixtures.

The flexibility of the modular control allows a wide and later expandable expansion spectrum from a small isolated solution to a complex system and loading control with extensive system and production data acquisition and evaluation. The control system can be adapted optimally and thus cost-effectively to all your requirements.

The following points of teltronik control systems stand for efficiency, functional reliability and user-friendliness:

  • Consequent Windows based
  • Fully automatic production control
  • Automatic loading control for vehicles and trains
  • Process visualization including operating options for all units of the entire system
  • Extensive master data management for e.g. Raw materials, formulations, products, warehouses, customers, freight forwarders, vehicles and wagons
  • Comprehensive order management and loading control for vehicles and trains
  • Delivery note creation incl. Integration of custody transfer belt, track and platform scales
  • Extensive SQL server-based plant and production statistics
  • Concurrent service at several workstations, possibly with a different task profile
  • Coupling options to higher-level ERP systems
  • Remote maintenance via internet
  • Extensive service options

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